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Ronny’s fascinating and ever-popular autobiography Bluenose is now available to discerning readers at the discounted price of £10 including postage and packing, £20 inclusive for those outside of the UK which is a great saving on the recommended retail price of £18.99
This is a fabulous read, a must-have for Evertonians, and a great present too as if you ask him nicely Ronny will personalise each copy for FREE. Furthermore, the first 100 copies purchased will also receive a FREE copy of the popular DVD ‘Alan Ball Remembered’ which itself is a very worthy Christmas or Birthday present for the Blues in your life.

Book Reviews

I have read your book BLUE NOSE and just could not put it down, absolutely brilliant, right across the three title ranges. This goes down in my opinion as one of the great football books regarding Everton Football Club.

Clwyd Nash, Chairman of Denbigh Everton FC Supporters Club.

As somebody who started the 1970s playing on the mud baths of the Lancashire League and ended it flourishing in the high-tech, ultra-modern world of Dutch Total Football, then nobody is better-placed to portray the wide variety of a footballer’s life than Ronny Goodlass. Not only that, but having uniquely served as supporter, player, coach and as a hugely respected and popular radio summariser, Ronny has a wealth of stories and anecdotes about Everton. But BLUE NOSE is far more than that,and his story reflects a rich and unusual playing career that stretched from Bellefield to Barrow, via Holland and Hong Kong. All tales, many of them hilarious, are told in that inimitable Goodlass style. But it’s the love of Everton that ultimately shines through in the book, where Ronny shows he is a Blue Nose who knows the Blues inside out.

Gavin Buckland

I love football. More importantly, I love Everton. Added to that, living in the States means that I value anything that connects me back to my Merseyside roots.  When I heard Ronny talk about his book on one of my Everton podcasts, I immediately reached out to get my copy! I got exactly what I was hoping for. Merseyside memories, Everton stories, and those kinds of dressing room stories that are always so fascinating to hear. You don’t have to be an Everton fan to recognize the famous names, share the adventures,  and enjoy hearing what Ronny experienced – any football fan will enjoy this. It’s a good read, written in a very natural and human style, it feels as if Ronny is sitting right in front of you, sharing his fascinating stories with you.  If you love football, you will enjoy it. If you are an Evertonian … you need it!

Bridget Bryson, Georgia, USA

Anyone who has listened to Ronny on BBC Radio Merseyside or at one of his famous Charity Dinners or Golf Days will know that this man has a way with words. For those who have never had the pleasure or indeed have never heard of him his book Blue Nose is still a compelling, funny, and eye-opening read.
There is no fancy-dan stuff here, it is written from the heart and Ronny himself wrote every word. His editor barely keeps him in check as he takes the reader on his sporting, broadcasting and charitable journey from cleaning Alan Ball’s boots via controversial derby games to being a trailblazer for playing overseas to where he is today, a revered Blue Nose!
John Blain, Chairman, Everton Shareholders’ Association



Book launch at Goodison
Ronny and Richarlison
Ronny and Pat Nevin
Ronny and Joe Royle who is a great friend and Patron of the charity
Ronny and Marcel Brands
Ronny and Peter Reid
Ronny and Tim Cahill
Ronny with Lucas Digne
Ronny with Andre Gomes

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Cost for UK delivery: £10 (Includes Postage and Packing)

Cost for Worldwide delivery: £20 (Includes Postage and Packing)