It is with great pleasure I make this contribution to acknowledging the worthwhile and valuable input Ronny and his Health Through Sport charity have on the residents of Southwood Approved Premises. Ronny has worked with staff and particularly the residents of Southwood for over 10 years, initially at Kirkby Sports Centre and more recently Austin Rawlinson Lifestyles in Speke. Through a monitored and individual supervision plan,Health Through Sport has helped with tremendous success to reintegrate residences back into the community in a positive way. The aim is to provide a positive alternative lifestyle to enable the residents to make the right choices. Health Through Sport provide the environment,guidance/training and personnel support with a healthy lifestyle.

Health Through Sport has become an integral addition to the Southwood supervision programme by providing the resident group with the opportunity to gain education and qualifications and asking only for an exchange of enthusiasm and respect in return.

Ronny, Health Through Sport and the staff at Southwood united with a maxim of dedication, motivation and determination, have, can, and will continue to provide a successful formula.

Recently staff from Southwood AP heard about an ex resident from the hostel called DS who attended Ronny’s Health Through Sport sessions with the hostel regularly,he has just had his passing out ceremony as a Paratrooper. DS’s attitude, fitness, teamwork, all improved attending Health Through Sport.

Pro-social modelling is used to ensure positive progress towards acquiring full employment, related skills, qualifications and crucially, personal skills.

Ronny and Health Through Sport have done an excellent job providing role models in a relaxed manner and with infectious enthusiasm.

Mike Smeda
Manager Southwood Approved Premises

Just to let you know I’m really pleased with John’s progress lately since you and Tony have been involving him in the football coaching course (Level 1).

Lately, John has shown more motivation and confidence. He has been trying to eat healthier, has stopped smoking and has started going to the gym- sometimes on his own.

John’s illness can affect his social skills such as the ability to be in crowds or getting public transport but this has shown an improvement.

John has enjoyed the course and has kept up with any assignments that you’ve asked him to do.

I appreciate the help and friendship that you and Tony have given and hope this can continue.

Thank you,

Julie Day, Mother of John Day, who came on our programme and gained his Football Coaching Level 1 qualification with Health Through Sport

Prior to meeting Ronny,I was a high risk offender.I was a tier four offender,which is the highest risk there is and I was the most dangerous offender in Liverpool upon my release according to Greater Manchester Police and Merseyside Police.

I met Ronny when he was running his football coaching and health programme linked with the probation service.I played football and trained under Ronny for a year and it was great.My transformation would have been impossible without Ronny’s input.He taught me self discipline,which I lacked due to my past.

Not only did he give me this,he was also their to listen and advise me from an independent point of view,whilst helping to tackle my mental health issues.To this day,over nine years later,I still value Ronny as a friend and he is always their at the end of a phone if I need advice.

I have come a long way thanks to the support of people like Ronny and Health Through Sport.

Darryl Laycock
Former high ranking gang member from Moss Side in Manchester

I started to get involved with gangs and got into trouble. This led to crimes and I started going to prison and was in and out of jail. That was when I met Ronny Goodlass and started to listen to him about how to change my ways and my life. My pattern started to change when I met Ronny and we discussed various things about where I wanted to go with my life. This is when I went on a football coaching course which Ronny was putting on and try to gain a football qualification.

I am now proud to say I have passed my football coaching Level 1 and 2 qualification.I now lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

Everyone needs a second chance in life as I have with mine and an opportunity to come through on the other side.

Kurtis Bourke
Former resident of Southwood Approved Premises